Why You're Here

Your favorite creator really wanted to make something to elevate the authentic connection between you. Purchasing from them is a fun way to show support for their content and daily interactions on social media, all while receiving a product you love!

  • @little.mama.shark

    "I designed these shirts with all of you in mind - all of us in the trenches of parenting, committed to raising the new generation of world changers - one breath and emotional regulation at a time."

  • @michelleburrtx

    "I knew I needed to make a tee that my favorite mamas could have to
    represent their relationship with me and the fun we have virtually."

  • @kristenkasper

    "The lightning bolts, to me, are a symbol of power! I feel like it means we are powerful and we are strong and we are badass in so many ways!"

  • @liza_adele

    "I hope when you put on this crewneck it brings you back to those iconic days of growing up in the 90s. Remember, "We get to choose who we let into our weird little worlds" (Good Will Hunting, 1997) and I'm so happy you're a part of mine!"